Open Water Monitoring

Currently available for seabed mapping

Data Gathering Solutions

Automatically collect high-resolution, geolocalized, coastal data using the uOne.

Single-handedly program the mission in minutes. Deploy and retrieve the drone from a small vessel or from shore, all without entering the water.

Save each mission plan and repeat in the exact same manner when needed. This effectively enables reliable, time series datasets.

Current data consists of high resolution RGB imagery, temperature and depth readings.

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Data Storage Solutions

Keep track of your mission results via our uDataboard based on cloud storage.

Synchronized storage enables immediate visualization and post processing.

Download the complete raw datafiles with the click of a button.

Data Visualization Solutions

Automatically visualize your data in a geolocalized and synchronized manner on our uDataboard.

Effortlessly browse through your mission and see the data points at each instance.

Data Processing Solutions

Synchronized datasets and machine learning enable rapid automated cloud processing.

Get large area intelligible results in no time.

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We take care of the operations and deliver your data as required, raw and/or processed.

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