The Underwater

It comprises the largest living habitat on the planet, accounting for unimaginable biodiversity and providing essential ecosystem functions for all living beings.

Welcome to the underwater world, whose vastness can be summed up in 3 stats:

occupation of the Earth’s surface
of the living space on the planet
still unexplored

Introducing uWare Robotics

uWare Robotics is a deep tech startup specializing in data-driven engineering solutions for coastal ecosystems. We use our highly mobile AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) and modular sensor systems for data gathering and provide a software platform for the processing and analysis of that data.

Our technology is particularly relevant for the management of, and operation in coastal zones, which contain ecosystems such as Seagrass Meadows and  Coral Reefs. All of which are vital to the health of our planet and the Blue Economy.

To set the standard for underwater monitoring and inspection, we are working in collaboration with research institutes and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). We will soon be offering our services to other sectors that operate within the Blue Economy, such as Blue Carbon, Mariculture, Telecommunications, and Clean Energy operations.

The End-to-End Solution for Coastal Ecosystem Monitoring

uWare was founded on the premise of optimizing the way in which underwater data could be gathered, processed, and accessed. With this goal in mind, we designed our AUV, the uOne, for maximum mobility, stability, cost-effectiveness, and autonomy. It works in perfect conjunction with our state-of-the-art software system. Offering the ultimate user-friendly solution.

Our Hardware: The uOne allows for data collection at 5 times the speed of a diver and with the precision of a robot. Being autonomous and untethered, it can cover a vast area by itself, eliminating the risk to human life. It is electric and quiet and can be launched from shore, greatly reducing the environmental impact of a monitoring operation. The uOne communicates with our uBuoy using our proprietary acoustic communication modem, the uCom, to provide live mission updates and accept new mission commands.

Our Software: The mission data seamlessly integrates with our cloud-based data storage and processing platform built upon Artificial Intelligence. Utilizing Machine Learning and Computer Vision, it provides automated 2D and 3D (photogrammetry) map generation, intelligent visual inspection and environmental and biodiversity data analysis.

Try our 360 interactive version

  • Rugged frame with 8 powerful thrusters
  • 6-degrees of freedom active stabilization
  • 5 knots maximum speed
  • Able to stay still in a current of up to 5 knots
  • Depth up to 65m, expandable to 150m
  • Up to 4 hours of autonomy through a modular battery pack
  • Pressure/Depth/Temperature sensors
  • Inertial Measurement Unit, compass and accelerometers
  • 4K cameras for photos
  • Up to 8000-lumens LED lights
  • Computer Vision for object detection (pollution, fish identification, …)
  • Stable and quiet, blending in with the fauna
  • 500m range acoustic modem for wireless underwater communication, expandable up to 8km
  • Modular platform for grippers, samplers, additional environmental sensors (CTD, Acidity, chemicals, …), additional navigational sensors (ranging sonars, imaging sonars, …), …
  • Mission planning, monitoring and data processing & analysis in one user friendly pipeline through our web based application

Robotics as a Service

At this time, we are providing autonomous 2D seabed mapping and map generation within ecosystems such as Seagrass Meadows, Coral Reefs, and Sandy Bottoms.

Visit us on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram for more information about our Early Adopter Program.

Our service offering is composed of three parts that can be tailored to your specific needs.  Get in touch with us to find out about pricing and packages. 

Part 1)

Access to the uWare Mission Planner. This allows users to identify and program their desired location, the area they would like to cover, the data points, and the navigation speed at which the uOne will be monitoring. 

Part 2)

The use of one or multiple uOne AUVs for monitoring purposes coupled with a trained operator on-site for mission planning and maintenance.

Part 3)

Access to our user-friendly SaaS platform built upon artificial intelligence and computer vision technology for dedicated data storage, processing, and automated 2D & 3D map generation. 

If you are interested in innovation for underwater monitoring, let’s talk! Think Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, 2D or 3D seabed mapping, wireless acoustic communication, photogrammetry…

Stay tuned to hear more about our future developments. Our goal: Fully autonomous, underwater worker bots using cost-effective uIoT. 

We can already envision a swarm of uOnes autonomously restoring a coral reef or managing a mariculture farm. Can you?

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