Dive into the future, autonomously

uWare is a leading startup in dual-use autonomous underwater robotics and AI systems for environmental monitoring, infrastructure inspection and assets management.

what DOES uware OFFER

Revolutionary technology to collect and process underwater data

Automate Your Data Collection

Plan the mission, easily deploy the uOne from the shoreline or a small boat and let it collect your data. The uOne AUV handles complex underwater environments autonomously. All data collected is synchronised and geo-referenced.

Automate Your Map Generation and Analytics

Our cloud-based, AI-powered platform takes care of the data processing tasks for you.
It generates intelligible maps, 2D/3D renderings and graphs with ease. All maps generated, such as orthomosaics, are automatically geo-referenced.

Rapidly Get Digital Twins of Your Assets

Automatically generate high-resolution point clouds and meshes of your assets. Frequent data collection enables near real-time digital twins supporting predictive maintenance.

Creating the workflow of the future


More data


More frequently


More affordable

what makes the uONE different

Compact cutting-edge innovation

Untethered Autonomous Operation

AI-powered anti-collision system. Hover-capable for increased stability in data collection. No human in the loop for increased safety and range.

Modular Sensor Payload

Easy integration of sensor payloads for synchronised data collection.

Single Person Carry

Light (15kg) and compact (40x40x50cm). Easy to move. You can take it everywhere, even on a plane.

Wireless Interaction

Wifi-based mission uploading and debriefing. Acoustic mission monitoring for periodic updates.

Intuitive UX

Easy mission control through a web-based tool. Drag and drop interface to program and monitor the missions.

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